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Dr. Corbin Treacy’s Professorships and Freelance Work

· French Professor,Research,Translator

Dr. Corbin Treacy is a freelance editor and translator who has spent the majority of his professional career as a language professor at the university level. Dr. Treacy received his MA and PhD in French from the University of Minnesota and went on to teach French at Florida State University. While at FSU, Dr. Treacy taught courses in post-war French Novels, French Film, Edward Said, Maghrebi Literature, and the Franco American Cultural Encounter.

Dr. Treacy’s passions center on travel and culture, and he has brought that passion to his work as a teacher and scholar. Dr. Corbin Treacy has reviewed, edited, and translated a breadth of work across a range of disciplines and hopes to continue reviewing and translating for academic publications. He is currently transitioning toward full-time freelance editing and reviewing as an independent scholar. He plans to split his time between San Diego, CA, and Europe, working independently as a freelancer, and looks to stay in academic publishing for at least the next 10 years.

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