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Dr. Corbin Treacy’s Academic Work

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Dr. Corbin Treacy is a freelance editor, translator, and former professor of French from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his MA and PhD in French from the University of Minnesota, where he taught as a graduate assistant. He was previously an assistant professor of French in the Department of Modern Languages at Florida State University.

Previously, Dr. Treacy also taught high school French in the Philadelphia area. He has also worked as an English teacher to French students in Orléans, France, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in English.

In addition to authoring a considerable body of original research in the field of French Studies, Dr. Treacy has been active as an editor and translator. He has edited peer journals, academic journals, and textbooks for both French and English audiences. He has reviewed and translated a wide range of topics in various academic disciplines from French to English and from English to French. Additionally, he has delivered numerous scholarly presentations over the past eight years.

At the university level, Dr. Treacy has taught:

- Failed Amnesias: Algeria in Literature and Film

- Experiments: The French Novel 1932-1968

- Edward Said, Revisited

- France, America, and the Politics of Representation French and Francophone Cinema

- French Conversation

Dr. Corbin Treacy continues to do freelance work translating and editing for individual scholars and academic publications.

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